Little Feminist Book Set

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Four little board books that won the Best Toy Award from the Oppenneim Toy Portfolio.

Introduce your own Little Feminist to Frida Kahlo, Ameila Earhart, Rosa Parks, and more!

Four books featuring 16 amazing women Including artists, pioneers, leaders, and activists.

Title: Little Feminist Book Set

Author: Emily Kleinman

Illustrator: Lydia Ortiz

Format: Boardbook

New or Used:Β  Used

Publisher: Mudpuppy

Year Published: 2018

Edition: Β Mudpuppy

Printing: Was not noted.

Ex-Library: No

Book Condition: Brand new. Printed with nontoxic inks.

Please see pictures.Β 

Notes: Cute little award winning books.

Signed:Β  No

ISBN: 978-0-7353-5381-7


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