Our Beginning

Our passion is books...and we wouldn't have it any other way.

When we returned from Neverland my brothers and I decided it would be the grandest of adventures to open a bookshop where great adventures were now only a click away.


I will never forget the exhilaration of it all: the cool night air washing over me and making my nightgown ripple like a little stream urged on by a spring rain, the broad brush strokes of moonlight across the chimneys and rooftops of London, the jubilated laughter of my brothers, and the weightlessness -as though gravity, itself, had been turned off - as I left the bedroom window that very first, fateful night ...for Neverland. 

I once said to Peter, "It is a shame that not everyone can have such an experience."

To which he smiled and replied, "But they can... all they really need is a dash of belief, an unspoiled moment in a relaxing chair, and the unwavering companionship of a good book."

THAT is when I decided that when our adventures with Peter were over I would open a bookshop. One where wonder, adventure, and hope could be found in a bounty of carefully, hand-selected books...both new and used.

For what of life if not shared through experiences, hopes, and dreams?

Wonderful stories will ALWAYS connect people across our vast, dverse magical world. We are so happy you found us and look forward to helping you open your own bedroom window and take flight with wonderous stories for years to come. 


We opted to get the site up and going so our customers from ETSY and future customers can become familiar with it and us.  We will be diligently trying to upload our 1000+ titles but it is somewhat labor intensive so please bear with us. 

Any book here is available for purchase and your order will happily be filled and shipped in the same timely manner (in most cases 1-2 businness days) that you came to expect from The Darling Bookshop on Etsy. Our Etsy shop remains open and operates the same as usual... titles are not duplicated on both locations so the titles you find at either location are unique to that part of our shop.


We have gone to considerable lengths to make your boutique book shopping experience special here, so if we can help in any way please let us know.



We are certain you will agree that books are an open
window to fantastic places beyond our imagination.

As booklovers ourselves, we love the exhilarating rush and warm embrace that can almost always be felt from merely walking into a physical bookstore. However, we decided we wanted to be open all the time, to everyone around the world who had access to the internet whenever they wanted.

We wanted to always be that  bookstore there for you to peruse titles that are favorites, and new discoveries. In a very small, and ok... sappy way we wanted you to have same kind of freedom we had by walking to our bedroom window with Peter and a handful of pixie dust.


A great bookstore, online or off, will always beacon you
to take a familiar or new journey with its books.

We started out on with a little shop on Etsy, but as our inventory started to grow we felt we had more books that could not always be offered on Etsy. So while we still maintain a little annex on Etsy and love those who shop and sell there -- and you can still find some of our titles there, we really want you to be able to simply sit back with a nice warm cup of coffee or tea and browse through our growing, every-changing, hand-selected titles of new and used books.


Thank you for visiting, we're always here to help!


Your Friend in Books,

- Wendy Darling