Our Darling Promise

The Darling Promise

We understand, you may question the idea that the Darling children, upon returning from Neverland, decided to open this bookshop. However, even if you cannot quite fathom that you do not have to ponder the fact that we are indeed a small boutique bookshop established in 2017 for those who do not have any trouble finding the magic in books.
As opposed to some other online bookstore we do not, and will never, adopt a mass approach to our trade. That is to say we do not list every title we come across, in any condition, in hopes that someone, somewhere will by it. Instead the four of us (yes, we are slowly allowing even Mr. Smee to join in this task) are personally selecting each and every title you see within our shop.... we take chances on some books that may not sell for a long time, knowing that when they do-- they may be the rare, and perfect gift for a loved one.  
We also care very much about the condition of every book we sell. This means that not only are we dedicated to making sure each and every book is accurately represented through pictures and the description, but also, that we take the time to package every order in a way that it will arrive to you in the exact condition you expect. We also use earth-friendly, responsible packaging whenever we can, because it is not only the right thing to do, but because we are dedicated to the generations of readers yet to come.
Books are a treat, and an escape -- a chance vacation to places and times that, in their own way, become a part of you. We take great pride in being a small but special part of that. For that reason: wonderful old books make us happy, wonderful new books make us happy ...but nothing makes us happier than happy customers... and that is our Darling Promise to you.
Happy Reading!
Your Friend in Books,
- Wendy Darling