Meet Our Dedicated Fictional Staff

  • Wendy Darling

    Owner, Customer Service

    How magical it was, the chance to fly off to Neverland with Peter Pan & lose myself in adventure & love. When I returned with my brothers the 3 of us decided that bringing special books to those who love books would help bring that magic to others!


  • John Darling - Special Collections

    As a middle child I suppose I grew up like many middle children, tugged between being older & younger while trying to figure out who I was. Now, in charge of special collections for the shop I look for books that are not only vintage but unique.


  • Michael Darling - Collections

    As the youngest of the Darlings I got very use to things being handed down to me: toys, books, and clothes from John. Thus, I have a keen eye for books that, although they have had a previous owner, are still in great shape relative to their age.


  • Mr. Smee - Bookshop Assistant

    Avast Booklovers, Yes, I use to be the right-hand man (quite literally) for Capt. Hook, but Wendy sent me a 1st edition of Treasure Island & introduced me to a new world of treasure! When I heard she was opening a book shop I asked to come aboard.