Six Gothic Tales

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6 Condensed Gothic Novels including:

JAMAICA INN by Daphne du Maurice

 It was a cold gray day in November when Mary Yellan first came to Jamaica Inn, on the brooding Bodmin Moor, and right from the beginning she was frightened. Why did her aunt look like a living, trembling ghost? Why was her uncle the landlord of an inn where there were no guests? Many wanted to run away from this house that reeked of evil, but her aunt was a helpless woman who needed her. So Mary stayed, to meet head-on the evil at Jamaica Inn.


The mission was a death sentence, and Katharine Dexter knew it. But she could not refuse. Her brother had been destroyed, and somehow the Malaspigas were responsible. No matter what the consequences, she would go to Italy. She would find out what deadly game they were playing. For she, too, was a Malaspiga, and fate was bringing her home.


Mount Mellyn was a magnificent house. It had stood high on the cliffs of Cornwall for hundred years, and Martha Leigh considered herself a fortunate woman just to be there, even if she was only the governess. But despite the warm affection of those around her, Martha soon knew she was in danger. She must learn the dreadful secrets hidden in the ancient walls of the house she had come to love; her very life depended on it.

THE HIGH VALLEY by Jessica North

Hidden in the mountains of Mexico is a secret and beautiful world called the High Valley. It is a colorful world of bullfights and serenades, but for young Alison Mallory it becomes a terrifying prison of malice and violence. She is quickly caught up in a struggle for power she cannot understand, and too late she discovers the nature of the tragedy that haunts the valley.

THUNDER HEIGHTS by Phyllis A. Whitney

Camilla King had never known her wealthy grandfather who lived in seclusion at Thunder Heights, a dark and dismal mansion above the Hudson Rivu She was puzzled, therefore, when a message came that he was seriously ill and wished to see his only grandchild before he died. So Camilla went to Thunder Heights— where she found herself caught up in a web of jealousy, hatred and ancient feuds.

TREGARON'S DAUGHTER by Madeleine Brent

It was an ornate, foreign-looking house, with dark water lapping at its walls and stone steps. But it was only a painting—and Cadi Tregaron knew every detail, for she had seen it before, not in reality but in a dream. In this haunting and suspenseful book, Cadi leaves her home in England and travels to faraway Venice. There she sees the house again, but this time she is its prisoner and she is not dreaming.

Title: Six Gothic Tales 

Author: Daphne du Maurier, Evelyn Anthony, Victoria Holt, Jessica North, Phyllis Whitney

Illustrator: multiple illustrators

Format:  Hardcover

New or Used:  Used

Publisher: Reader’s Digest

Year Published: 2000

Edition: First Edition 

Printing: not stated

Ex-Library: No

Book Condition:  Acceptable

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Front & Back Cover: Good

Cover Spine: Good.

Binding:  Good.

Book block: .

- Foxing (Tanning): Light, if any.

- Folded Pages: None.

- Torn Pages: None.

- Marking:  Liquid stains on top edge of book block. Extends about 1” down into some pages. Wrinkling those areas a little but not on all pages.

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Dust Jacket:  Yes

Dust Jacket Condition:  Good

Pages: 640

Notes: Good reading copy of condensed gothic novels by multiple authors.

Signed: No

ISBN: 0-89577-060-1