A Gothic Treasure Trove

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6 Condensed Gothic Novels Including:

MOONRAKER’S BRIDE by Madeleine Brent

Taken to China by her parents, who died soon afterward, Lucy Waring had spent her entire seventeen years in an orphanage there. Now, with the approaching forces of the Boxer Rebellion threatening her life and the lives of all foreigners, it was decided that Lucy be sent to England for safety. But no one anticipated the danger awaiting her at the mansion called Moonrakers, or the courage Lucy would have to find in herself to meet it.

THE GOLDEN UNICORN by Phyllis A. Whitney

Guarding the stormswept Long Island beach was a huge, dark-shingled house owned by the Rhodes family. Famed for their talent, beauty and wealth, the Rhodeses were drowning in jealousies, infidelities and deadly secrets. Courtney Marsh came to the house on a private quest, thinking she could leave whenever she wanted. Little did she realize the vortex of turbulent emotions waiting to draw her in.

KIRKLAND REVELS by Victoria Holt

Returning home to England after four happy years away at school, Catherine Corder found her father's household as lonely and gloomy as she had remembered it. Her only escape was to go out riding on the moors. It was there that she met Gabriel Rockwell, who was to offer her the conventional escape of marriage. But no "happily ever after" ending awaited the young couple at Gabriel's ancestral home— only mystery and terror.

WINGS OF THE FALCON by Barbara Michaels

After her father's sudden death, Francesca was alone in the world and unprotected. Five very different men would play a role in shaping her future. First there was the lecherous Lord Shelton, to whom her father had owed large debts; then her grandfather, an Italian prince whose pride precluded forgiveness, and her handsome twin cousins—one of whom would win her heart, the other her hatred; and finally the mysterious masked revolutionary called the Falcon.

LADY OF MALLOW by Dorothy Eden

Sarah Mildmay loved pretty clothes, so it was with particular dismay that she found herself wearing the drab garb of a governess. However, this was all part of spying on her new employer, tying to prove him an imposter. If she succeeded, her fiancé, Ambrose, would inherit one of the great houses in England and Sarah would be the new Lady Mallow. But it was a dangerous deception fraught with peril.

RIVER RISING by Jessica North

The River Rising, a magnificent chåteau set high on the cliffs above the St. Lawrence River, had been the scene of more than one violent death in the centuries past. Now its unquiet ghosts seemed determined to drive out the last members of the proud Armitage family. Rochelle, taken from the Rising as a baby, owed the family nothing, but knew she had to lay to rest the specters of the past or stay to be destroyed by them.


Title: A Gothic Treasure Trove

Includes condensed editions of Moonraker’s Bride, The Golden Unicorn, Kirkland Revels, Wings of the Falcon, Lady of Mallow, River Rising

Author: Madeleine Brent, Phyllis A. Whitney, Victoria Holt, Barbara Michaels, Dorthy Eden, Jessica North

Illustrator: Multiple Illustrators.

Format:  Paperback

New or Used:  Used

Publisher: Reader’s Digest

Year Published: 2000

Edition: Reader’s Digest

Printing: First Thus

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Book Condition:  Good

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Front & Back Cover: Good

Cover Spine: Good.

Binding:  Good.

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- Marking:  Possibly small pink mark on the illustrated page of The Golden Unicorn.  Light discoloration on a few spots on top of book edge. (Please see pictures.)

Dust Jacket:  Yes

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Pages: 640

Notes: Nice reading copy of condensed gothic novels.

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ISBN:  0-89577-288-0