Ohio is most certainly not London, or Neverland for that matter.

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When we returned from Neverland we knew we wanted to open a bookshop. We searched all around London for a quaint little shop that had squeaky floorboards and a bell that would ring with excitement when a new patron came through the door.

We found a perfect shop not far from Piccadilly and only a short drive to Kensington Gardens but it was actually Micheal ... who perhaps from being the youngest, said, "What about everyone who doesn't live in London?  How will we sell books to them.  They deserve to have a chance to buy the same books we find, shouldn't they?"  Michael and I looked at each other and thought that if there was a way to reach everyone one we should do that.

With the explosive growth of the Internet and ecommerce we saw our chance...after decades of collecting a books we decided to open our little bookshop.

Realizing we could do that from anywhere in the world we all had different ideas of where that desire to sell books should take us. Finally, I said, "We should draw straws! Whomever gets the longest straw gets to throw a single dart at a world map. Where it sticks is where we will sell books from....well, unless it is in the middle of an ocean, in the middle of the Sahara, or near either pole."  My brothers agreed and it was Michael drew the longest straw.  

He closed his eyes. He put one hand over his heart and drew a deep breath and his dart landed in southern Ohio in the United States.  Thus, true to our word we moved across the pond... though it was a easy move since we are fictional characters... and we opened our online store in West Chester, Ohio!

We started very small in 2017 as a little shop on Etsy, but now we have our own site without many of the Etsy marketplace constraints. We love Etsy and will continue to sell wonderful books there, but here the sky is the limit and you will find a great many wonderful books as we work to add titles nearly daily.

Thank you for stopping by and we wish you many great adventures finding wonderful books and reading wonderful stories.

We are always here, and always open ... just as open as we where to visits from Peter when he use to visit us in London.

So please, stop by whenever you like, we are always glad to have you!

Warmest Wishes.

Your Friend in Books,

-Wendy Darling

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